Investigation of the aesthetic relationships between people and chairs, through a curated set of values, beliefs, and morals with the respect to time.

Objective: Investigate the depths and reach of aesthetic relationships between people and tangible things. Create a set of values, beliefs, and morals that are to be embodied…

E IV Studio Spring 2020

January 14, 2020 — February 27, 2020


Background: The Turing Test was developed by Alan Turing in 1950, and is used to analyze a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, indistinguishable from, that of a human. …

An investigation into the process and methods of creating a branded environment. An exploration on how to reach a target audience, showcase the product and/or service, increase brand recognition, study site, scale, materiality, emotions, motivations, and impulses.


“Branded are living marketing experiences — less about the financial transaction and more…

Objective: Visualize an ephemeral phenomenon in the complex system of the city of Pittsburgh. Additionally, propose one positive change to the system that could come about if what you visualized is used to make system-wide change.

My Proposal: SMAP, a data visualization map to help reveal the 1. the “unseen”…

For our final project, we ideated and designed a prototype addressing Construction Junction’s Employee Common Space’s most prominent pain points, based on research, analysis, and on field studies accumulated throughout the semester.

Problem Space and Research

Our mission at Construction Junction to investigate employee common spaces. In order to better understand how the common…

Creating affinity diagrams and scoping out employee common spaces.

What is an affinity diagram?

An affinity diagram is a tool to help designers capture research-based insights, observations, concerns, or requirements on individual sticky notes, so that each design implication can be fully considered on its own, and each note can be manipulated and moved to…

Team 5: Jaclyn Saik, Danny Cho, Rachel Lee, Alice Fang, Vicky Zhou

What is a cultural probe?

A cultural probe is a technique used to inspire ideas in a design process; it serves as a means of gathering inspirational data about people’s lives, values, and thoughts.


Part of our brainstorming…

by Danny Cho, Alice Fang, Rachel Lee, Jaclyn Saik, and Vicky Zhou


We went to Construction Junction twice to observe the common employee areas, once on Thursday (1/17), and once on Sunday (1/20). Due to the limited nature of our proposed space — the employee common areas — we had…

Environments Project 2: Hybrid Exhibit Environments

Project Brief: Create a pop-up (2–3 week) exhibition featuring an artist currently on exhibition at your client’s museum. The client wants at least one piece of the artist’s work to be on display, but they also want to use digital technology to enhance the…

Project 2 Reflection: James Turrell / Miller ICA Exhibit

Brief: Was there an existing exhibit that influenced your design, and how? How were the skills you developed in the first project similar and/or different from the second project? How were the skills you developed in the first project similar and/or…

Vicky Zhou

Design & HCI & Physical Computing @ Carnegie Mellon University

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